Tuesday, 29 November 2016

three little pigs

Goal: I am learning to use Question marks and speech marks with help

I enjoyed put my own spin on it
I found it challenging when I found make the house and speech mark
To be BTB I can not say said a lot

Once upon time a mum pig said to at kids “you are too old to stay here you need to make a home but  be aware of the humans”.  The first pig made the salami house, the second one make a  chocolate house and the third pig made his out of  chilli the  house was strong and as hot as laver.

then he relaxed and made the house look nice. One morning a person looked for food he saw a salami house the pig was taking a bath than  the human call ”let me in  little pig” The human call that   “I will eat it down” so he did.  the pig ran to the chocolate home the  person  said to both of the pigs  “little pig let me in” the pig said “no you’ll eat us” called the pigs, “fine I will eat it down” cried the human.  he got his fork and ate it down.  the two pigs ran as fast as they could they ran to the chilli house they said to the other pig “the evil human is going to eat us. “help” the pig called. I’ll get him the human came to the home and said “for the last time let me in” the pig that owned the home called “no!” “fine I will eat it down” he ate it then he had a spiky tingly feeling in his stomach. then he went  up in  fire from the chilli and no  pig saw him again.

THE END          

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