Friday, 23 June 2017

WALT: use similes and alliteration in our writing we show not tell writing enjoyed doing to about my dog I found challenging I could hear the humans Munching their food - crunching, slurping, chewing I was waiting for the humans to give me my food. I Saw yellow hair and ginger hair and two other people looking huger than they were. I Felt soft Carpet inside and the cold wood when I went outside. and The people are super nice and they scratch me. I Wondered when my next meal would be? Where do they go when they leave home? to be btb need more words

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

made an image reader put an image in the smile and allation I found enjoyed describing the war I found challenging found a thing to describing the war

I Heard loud booming into the ground and dirt flying into the air. I also heard Banging gun sounds and tanks shooting and  Super Snipers reloading their guns with ammo.
I  saw bombs flaring and smoke in the air  Above me. I saw a Colossal big bomb coming in the air coming into the ground.

I Felt a  Shockwave and my heart pump very fast as a Cheetah and my face was pale as white as ghost.  something
I never want to feel again.

I Wondered Will my family Survive after the war  Or will I live at all?
TO BTB I need to put more smile

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Explaining what a simile is

We are learning to (Walt) tell the reader what similes are.We had one day to made and post to the blog. I found it challenging to find the right photo. I enjoyed finding more new things of about the new slides. to btb more pages